Western Washington Poets Network

Find a seat at Western Washington poetry readings

The Western Washington Poets Network is here to help you find a seat at regular open-mic poetry readings in our region, or to help you fill seats if you organize open-mic readings. We also provide information about poetry critique groups and other poetry resources in Western Washington, defined as all state lands west of the Cascade Crest Trail. We make every effort to confirm that WWPN listings are accurate and up to date, but we make no guarantee that all details are correct. Please check each associated website or social media page, or contact the event organizer if an email address is provided. We also welcome your help to add more Western Washington poetry readings, or to correct factual errors. To let us know about additions or corrections, please contact Michael Dylan Welch (web manager) at WelchM@aol.com. Also visit us on Facebook and Instagram. And while you’re at it, please share this website, write more poetry, and be sure to find your seat at Western Washington poetry readings!

“To have great poets there must be great audiences too.”

—Walt Whitman