About WWPN

How WWPN Began

The Western Washington Poets Network wants to help you find your seat at poetry readings to share your poetry, or to help organizers fill seats at their poetry events.

During summer planning sessions for an event held on October 14, 2023 at BookTree in Kirkland, Washington with a featured reading by Jayden Chang, Kenmore youth poet laureate, a collection of poets expressed the need for a service that could communicate schedules of Western Washington poetry readings and related events and groups to improve regional awareness and participation. The following poets attended one or more of these sessions and supported this proposal:

Ten of the preceding and all of the following poets attended the October 14, 2023 event in Kirkland, where they spoke about their groups:

Unable to attend, but having others who were present to speak on behalf of their groups, were the following:

Help us fill seats

Join us in improving our communication and networking so that everyone interested in spoken word in our region knows where to go and how to find their seats. If you know of other Western Washington readings, groups, or events we could consider listing, or to offer suggestions or corrections, please email Michael Dylan Welch at WelchM@aol.com or David Post at davidalpost@gmail.com.

David Post initially compiled this website’s listing of poetry readings and critique groups and Michael Dylan Welch edited these listings and created and maintains the Western Washington Poets Network website. We define Western Washington as all state lands west of the Cascade Crest Trail.

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About 40 people attended the launch event on October 14, 2023 at BookTree in Kirkland.